Who stands behind OMNI?


Hypnose.NET Ltd was founded in 2010 by Hansruedi Wipf and emerged from a sole proprietorship dating back to 2006.

Since 2015, Hypnose.NET Ltd is the owner of OMNI Hypnosis International as well as various other brands in connection with hypnosis education and advanced training. Hansruedi and Adrian are united by one thought: top performance at the highest level.

Hansruedi worked for 16 years in various management positions in the German automotive industry in global purchasing.

Adrian was Chief Financial Officer of two listed investment companies for seven years and currently serves on various boards of directors. Together they stand for the professionalization and the establishment of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Hansruedi Wipf

Owner & President

Hansruedi is owner and president of Hypnose.NET Ltd and OMNI Hypnosis International. He is active as an author, instructor, and speaker.

Adrian Brüngger

Co-owner & CEO

Adrian is co-owner and CEO of Hypnose.NET Ltd and OMNI Hypnosis International. He is active as an instructor, and speaker.


The competent, friendly team, which is also dedicated to hypnosis with heart and soul.

Dr. med. dent. Patrick Meyenberger

Chief Medical Advisor
HypnoDent® Instructor

Esther von Burg


Cornelia Postleb

Team leader & Project management web, graphics & email campaigns

Christian Graumünz

Event Management & Video Editing

Branko Kovacevic

Customer Service International


Mirela Muminovic

Platform Management & Support


OMNI Hypnosis International Partnerships

We attach great importance to long-term sustainable strategic partnerships.


Since 2020, eLearnCommerce has been a partner of OMNI Hypnosis International. Based on the idea of having everything OMNI offers in one place, this collaboration resulted in the OMNI Hypnosis Academy and the associated app. Since March 2021, the German speaking Academy has enabled many customers to benefit from free content, learn online or register for face-to-face courses, actively participate in the forum, or watch webinars and therapy videos – wherever they are. The English speaking Academy and App followed in June 2022. In close cooperation, eLearnCommerce ensures improvements and enhancements as well as the all-important technical support.

Pfadi Winterthur Handball

OMNI Hypnosis International and Hypnose.NET have been proud partners of Pfadi Winterthur Handball since 2010. We support the first team in reaching mental peak performance, in the “return to play” after injuries, in the personality development of the players, and in many other topics. Since 2010, the team has won the championship once, the Swiss Cup three times, and the Super Cup once. In addition, Pfadi Winterthur became the first Swiss team ever to qualify for the group stage of the European Cup.

OMNI Hypnosis Center Effretikon, Switzerland

Hansruedi Wipf founded the Hypnosis Center in Effretikon in 2010. When he was no longer able to handle the many requests on his own, he sought support from hand-picked OMNI hypnotherapists trained by him. In the meantime, Hansruedi has completely withdrawn from the hypnosis center in order to dedicate himself to the training of hypnotherapists and various projects, such as the HypnoScience® project. The competent team of hypnotherapists are specialists in every field and master the most modern and efficient hypnotherapy methods. Thanks to a goal- and result-oriented approach, they very often succeed in helping supposedly complicated cases to a successful breakthrough within a very short time.

Giger Publishing House

Giger Publishing House has been on the market for 15 years and has made a great name for itself internationally with many No. 1 bestsellers, including biographies of celebrities and non-fiction books. On the Swiss market, the publishing house holds a leading position above all with topics concerning conscious life. In the field of hypnosis, the bestselling books by Hansruedi Wipf, “Hypnose” (Hypnosis), “Selbsthypnose” (Self-Hypnosis), and “Endlich schlank durch Selbsthypnose” (Finally slim thanks to self-hypnosis) with co-author Sandra Blabl as well as “Hypnosetherapie für Kinder und Jugendliche” (Hypnotherapy for children and teenagers“ with co-author Barbara Scholl have been published.

We change lives. And you?

Our Vision

We are the number one in the market for hypnosis education and training worldwide. OMNI is characterized by efficiency, clarity, simplicity, and process orientation. We make a significant contribution to establishing hypnosis as a recognized form of therapy.

ISO 9001

We are an ISO 9001-certified company with a focus on education and training in the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

With us, you will join an environment where quality, service, and process reliability have top priority. Our therapy processes guarantee the highest possible benefit for our customers and their clients, because only if a process is reproducible, the results continue to be the same. Every person is an individual and it is precisely this fact that our processes take into account.

What can we do for you?

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