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Welcome to OMNI Hypnosis Training Center! We are passionate about providing you with the highest quality hypnosis training.

You can choose from live training, online training, or a combination of both. We offer a variety of courses and programs designed to help you become a certified OMNI Hypnotherapist.

Following OMNI Hypnosis Training – in fact, already after the successful completion of the first module of our training – you will be able to use hypnosis highly effectively with your clients and patients. (And for yourself, of course!).

What is your reason for choosing OMNI?

Find out if OMNI Hypnosis Training is right for you.

We know that nobody likes to buy a cat in a bag. That’s why you get the first 6 lessons of the online OMNI Hypnosis Basic Training – free of charge and with no obligation to buy. This will allow you to test our training.

In order to help you make a good decision, we have compiled a selection of important questions for you. There is no risk, as you can see. Register today for free access to the OMNI Hypnosis Academy and find out:


Does our expertise and passion for hypnosis and hypnotherapy resonate with you?


Are you satisfied with the training content?


Is the picture and sound quality of the videos adequate?


Do you like Hansruedi Wipf's style of presentation? (You definitely will 😎)


Are you convinced by our price / performance ratio?

Do you have questions about the training?

Start your journey to become a certified hypnotherapist now!

Our OMNI Hypnosis Training provides intensive knowledge and practical exercises, and it covers our core competency – Regression to Cause and Modern Revealing Hypnotherapy.

By making an online booking, you can access our Online Academy and unlock exclusive training content as well as many other benefits.


Join us today to take your education journey to the next level!

Ready to work as a OMNI hypnotherapist? Choose your way of training.

With three online modules, an eight-day face-to-face course, or a combination of online and face-to-face learning, participants can learn from the comfort of their home or with the support of our highly qualified instructors.

Good to know: For participants of the face-to-face course, access to the Academy and all online lessons is already included in the price! This is your chance to fully master the supreme discipline of hypnosis!


in 8 days face-to-face


In your own pace

Combined training

online and face-to-face

Learn how easy and safe it is to learn hypnosis with OMNI.


Fast and easy

Complete your training without prior knowledge in short time


ISO certified quality guarantee

Our training, our company and the therapy processes used by OMNI are ISO 9001 certified – as the first hypnosis training worldwide


Assured method competence

Backed by science and based on a scientifically researched method


Worldwide training offer

Over 16,000 OMNI Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists have been trained in this globally recognized/applied training offering


Guarantee of success through experience since 1979

A worldwide proven hypnotherapy method with millions of applications


Lifelong support

As part of the OMNIVERSUM, you will receive a lifetime of support and experience sharing

Join us today to take your education journey to the next level!

Become a certified OMNI hypnotherapist with our Training Center

Congratulations – after passing the exam, you will receive the “Certified OMNI Hypnotherapist” certificate from OMNI Hypnosis Training Center International, as well as 100 hours of CEU continuing education credits.

Plus, your first year’s membership fee is covered! There’s more: Upon successful completion, you will receive an NGH diploma from the National Guild of Hypnotists, the leading global institution for hypnotism since 1951. Take the first step towards achieving professional success in hypnotherapy by embarking on this enriching journey.

What former participants say about the Training as a Certified Hypnotist

Already on the first day of the training, I realized, whoops, this is a big thing! Looking back, what I learned in this training is incredible! Because it is for me THE TOOL, with which I can transport all my knowledge. In my coaching training, I learned that every person carries their solution within themselves. With hypnotherapy, I am able to accompany my clients directly to this solution.

Doris Feltre
OMNI Hypnotherapist

What can I say? SIMPLY BRILLIANT!!!!! Sometimes, it is like magic. Of course, not in 100% of the cases, but that happens nowhere. Thanks again for the excellent training!!!

Andrea Kahl, MD
OMNI Hypnotherapist

The videos and the recorded live therapy sessions are superb and easy to understand. The great advantage of the video collection is of course that you can always jump back if you did not understand something.

OMNI Hypnotherapist

And it works – already from the first day after the course! I now use hypnosis several times a day and could no longer imagine working without it. Thank you very much.

Dr. med. dent. Patrick Meyenberger
OMNI Hypnotherapist

For me, the online training was the right thing, because I could choose my pace, and the live training was also great.

I am 42 years old and a medical masseuse, which means I already have done a lot of training, but in this training, I learned the most and most efficiently.

Cornelia Meier-Brunner
OMNI Hypnotherapist

I did the OMNI training because I had no idea about hypnosis. And I am absolutely thrilled. There are no digressions, no boredom. The training is great, and I can only recommend it wholeheartedly.

Dani Künzle
OMNI Hypnotherapist

As a rather analog person, I was a bit disappointed at the beginning when I learned that the training takes place online. In retrospect, however, I can say that the online training was also brilliant. I never got bored.

Stefan Dubach
OMNI Hypnosetherapeut

A Personal Note of Hansruedi Wipf, Owner & President of OMNI

Is it really possible to free a person from mental or physical suffering with just a single session? Can blockages, limiting beliefs, or undesirable habits that have been in place for years or even decades really be released in a matter of minutes? Can pain be alleviated or eliminated with the power of the mind alone? Can athletes, students, patients, and clients from all walks of life find help?

OMNI Hypnosis and OMNI hypnotherapy are the methods and techniques that can do just that. Learn now the art of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Let yourself be surprised. What you may have thought was impossible can become possible.

We are passionate about our hypnosis training and hypnotherapy. It is a passion that our instructors share all around the world. We carry the legacy of the great masters Dave Elman and Gerald F. Kein. We continue to develop our techniques based on their teachings. Our goal is to provide our graduates with all the tools they need to help their clients in a quick, efficient, and lasting way.

Are you ready to transform lives? Then we welcome you to the ever-growing global OMNI-Family.

Hansruedi Wipf

Owner & President, OMNI Hypnosis International

OMNI International – Unified individuality

Our team of OMNI hypnotists and hypnotherapists are united by our commitment to providing top-notch, forward-thinking solutions for clients. We strive to make a positive impact as quickly as possible with state-of-the art methods that focus on the individual’s needs. Our passion lies in helping people reach their fullest potential through personalized care.