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Learning hypnosis for children: HypnoKids® online training

Child hypnosis works gently, quickly, and directly. Achieve improvements in a very short time without stressing the child mentally or physically.

Do you have a connection with children and teenagers, and would you like to help them with hypnosis to master minor and major concerns? The gratitude you will receive from children is very rewarding. In addition, working with children is a lot of fun and progress is quickly noticeable and visible, because children often approach the issues in a very playful way.

All 70 online lessons, a total of approx. 15 hours of video material, have been filmed the way we teach: in a competent, fresh, and entertaining manner. The videos are of good image and sound quality. The exercises and homework help you to apply, consolidate, and review what you have learned.

About the HypnoKids® continuing education program

Why should I take this training?

Hypnosis for children and adolescents can make life massively easier for young people.

Questions for you: as a child, would you have been glad to have had a hypnotherapist by your side to help you to alleviate or even completely dissolve

  • your intense homesickness at your first school camp
  • the hurtful bullying in the schoolyard
  • your deep shame of bedwetting
  • your fear of the scary monsters under your bed
  • your persistent stuttering
  • your inexplicable collecting mania
  • your paralyzing fear of the math exam
  • your learning block that drives you to despair
  • your deep pain after the separation of your parents
  • your impulse to self-harm
  • your pitch-black depression
  • your hopelessness regarding your professional future
  • your blockade as a talented ice-hockey forward

And what if this had not involved countless sessions, but only 2 to 4 sessions? And what if those sessions had been fun? And what if you had realized in the sessions that all the resources for problem solving were already within you? And what if all of this could have been done without medication? And what if you had told your friends about hypnotherapy so they could heal too? And what if, because of those hypnotherapy sessions, you had discovered and realized your full potential at an early age? And what if, in turn, you could have passed it on to your children one day…?

We all know the answer. Today, we are able to use hypnosis to provide fast, gentle, and lasting help to these children and teens.


This training is for hypnocoaches and hypnotherapists and requires a completed basic training with knowledge of a regression technique.

It is an advantage to have been trained as an OMNI hypnotherapist, as parts of the HypnoKids® training are based on OMNI principles.

Training content

To ensure that you are competently prepared for working with kids and adolescents, HypnoKids® provides you with the learning content on these topics:

  • data sheet for parents before the session
  • pre-talk child hypnosis
  • convincer in pre-talk to build rapport with the child
  • waking hypnosis via stuffed animal with children younger than 6 years of age
  • inductions suitable for children
  • the “Inner Golden Center” (IGC) of HypnoKids®
  • “Jerry Kein’s Flashlight” to get into the IGC
  • the hypno-therapy landscape of the IGC
  • child-friendly uncovering regression “Bubble Room Regression” according to OMNI’s R2C “Regress to Cause & Fix it” philosophy (*)
  • OMNI HypnoKids® tool box
  • descriptions for concrete procedures for ADHD, bedwetting (enuresis), fears & phobias, exam anxiety, learning disabilities, lack of concentration, blackouts during exams, low self-esteem, grinding (bruxism), sleep disorders, nervous tics, trypanophobia, aggressiveness, bullying, separation anxiety, nail biting, addictive behaviors, chronic illnesses, chronic pain, lack of future perspective in adolescents, self-injury, depression, pathological jealousy, cyberbullying, and similar current issues.
  • successful post-hypnotic anchor setting for kids & teens
  • EFT Tapping 4 kids
  • STEMS 4 kids
  • Esdaile 4 kids
  • Ultra Height® 4 kids
  • Ultra Healing® 4 kids
  • HypnoKids® 4 parents
  • specific case studies
  • video excerpts from live sessions (language dependent)
  • … and many more concrete tips for working with children

(*) A key element of the OMNI HypnoKids® training is the cause-oriented, uncovering regression modeled after the OMNI Hypnotherapist training. The “Bubble Room Regression” of OMNI HypnoKids® allows a gentle, very efficient regression to locate, uncover, and then resolve the source of the child’s problem.

You will also receive:

  • detailed seminar materials including selected scripts
  • detailed flowchart U6: process flow for children under 6 years of age
  • detailed flowchart Ü6: process flow for children / teens over 6 years old
  • sketchnote HypnoKids®
  • HypnoKids® Certificate
  • … get ready to be surprised!
Certificate and training credits
You can complete the prerecorded video lessons at your own pace and receive your online certificate as OMNI HypnoKids® Specialist after successfully passing the exam.

With this course, you receive 24 hours of continuing education credits (also valid for other hypnosis organizations continuing education – CEUs).

You may call yourself OMNI HypnoKids® Specialist.

Barbara Scholl - your HypnoKids® Instructor

Barbara (also called Baba) grew up in Switzerland, Brazil and USA. She is married and mother of three teenagers. Through her brother, Hansruedi J. Wipf, she came in contact with hypnosis in her teenage years. In 2008 she completed the OMNI hypnosis training with her brother, continued her education over the years, and covered many “therapy miles”. Today she is the expert for children’s hypnosis and hypnosis for teenagers, training therapists worldwide in the HypnoKids® method.

Price and discounts

US$  975

Save 5% as an OMNI Preferred Member or 10% as an OMNI Premium Member.

Questions on financing?

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HypnoKids® Family – We are international

Over 400 therapists worldwide are working with the HypnoKids® method. Ongoing training goes naturally with this method.

What HypnoKids® participants say

Baba is just fantastic, she shares all her great and profound knowledge, holds nothing back and complements it with many practical examples from her experience. She is contagious and inspiring. Add to that her almost limitless willingness to help. She is always ready to provide support and helpful advice. Baba, you are my hero.

Judith König
HypnoKids® Specialist

The training was really great, I can recommend it to everyone. What I really appreciate about Baba is that you can always ask her for advice even after the training. Simply awesome.

Roger Lussmann
HypnoKids® Specialist

Barbara Scholl is an expert not only in the field of child hypnosis. Professional, competent, committed ,and with a lot of heart, she trains experts. Her passion makes her a speaker who captivates. Her experience in the field of hypnosis makes her an irreplaceable personality in the field.

Yves Furrer
HypnoKids® Specialist

Barbara is a great instructor. Competence meets humor. This is really edutainment at its best. The training HypnoKids® that she has developed and also teaches is extensive and forms the best basis for practice. And afterwards, she is available with advice and support.

Stefanie Schenk
HypnoKids® Specialist

I already had several courses with Barbara Scholl, always an enrichment! The courses are characterized by expertise and empathy!

Katharina Hagenbucher
HypnoKids® Specialist

Simply great, dear Barbara! AAA+

Julia Gaerken
HypnoKids® Specialist

Barbara is a person with a lot of empathy, imagination, humor and is open to new things. Incredibly enriching course. After the course, you go home with a lot of knowledge and full of energy. Simply top.

HypnoKids® Specialist

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