Become a HypnoCell® Specialist

Hypnosis at the cellular level: HypnoCell® advanced training.

Achieve accelerated recovery and slow aging at the telomere level.

With the HypnoCell® method, you help your body with hypnosis on the cellular level to delete old, unwanted programs, traumas, and other blockages.

In this intensive online training, you will learn everything you need to know to help clients recover faster after injuries and surgeries and how to apply this knowledge to cancer, tumors, and autoimmune diseases. In this way, the body, mind, and subconscious become a powerful team that sets all levers in motion to optimize the recovery process.

About the HypnoCell® continuing education program

Why should I take this training?

Your key benefits:

  • increase and accelerate recovery in the body so that the body, mind, and spirit become an unbeatable team
  • influence the aging process down to the cellular and metabolic level
  • manage stress down to the cell nucleus and the level of DNA and telomeres

Among other things, OMNI HypnoCell® helps you to:

  • recover from injuries to bones, ligaments, and tendons
  • activate the self-healing powers even before an operation
  • deal with problems with scars (even old ones)
  • overcome burnout and exhaustion
  • reduce side effects of medications, e.g. chemotherapy
  • increase performance in sports (especially increase endurance capacity)

This training is for hypnotherapists and requires completed basic training with knowledge of a regression technique.

Training as an OMNI Hypnotherapist is advantageous, as parts of the HypnoCell training are based on OMNI principles.

Training content

Block 1: Introduction to the world of cells

  • construction of the cells
  • the function of the cells
  • body feeling at the cellular level
  • cell breathing: deepening technique to bring the mind into the cells
  • first experience in the cells: demonstration with a participant
  • cell breathing (deepening technique): practicing in groups of 2

This block lays the foundation for working with the cells. However, it is also intended to provide a basic understanding of what cells feel like in order to get an idea of what the world looks like at this level. The clearer we develop a feeling and an awareness of this, the easier it will be for us to guide clients into this world.

Block 2: The cell membrane and communication pathways at the cellular level

  • How is a cell membrane – the brain of the cell – structured (the cell decides how it reacts and whether it reacts to a signal at all)?
  • How do cells perceive signals (uptake of substances, receptors, swarm intelligence)?
  • How do the communication pathways in cells work (impulses in cell healing, impulses in response to the outside world)?
  • How do cells talk to each other (mechanical stimuli, biochemical stimuli, electromagnetic stimuli)?
  • How do cells communicate with the conscious and subconscious mind (communication via nerves, glands, chemical and electrical impulses)?

The clearer these ways of communication are to us, the easier it is to work with and support the cells. With one goal in mind: that the client recovers faster and that hurdles and obstacles can be removed on a physical level.

Practical implementation:

  • To find out which structures in the cells are involved in a disturbance (physical problem, psychosomatic problem)
  • To find out which parts we need to activate or stimulate more.
  • To discover which communication pathways to shut down or dampen.
  • To practice compounding of the signaling pathways.
  • To lower the side effects of necessary drugs, e.g. in chemotherapies.

Block 3: Regeneration of cells (evening session)

  • Cells and the idea of tensegrity: How can I not only regenerate cells but also reorganize them?
  • Cells and Esdaile state: parallels and differences
  • Learning of a special deepening technique

Block 4: DNA & R2C / Armchair therapy

  • What is the structure and function of the cell nucleus?
  • When do I use the so-called coded DNA and when the non-coded DNA?
  • How do we end old, unwanted programs, suggestions, traumas, mental blocks, etc. at the cellular level?
  • Where did the origin of a trauma or shock start in the body (R2C: Discover the temporal origin in the cells)?
  • How can we support the cells so that the body and mind become an unbeatable team?
  • How can we positively influence the aging process (application of the latest findings from science)?

Block 5: Hypnosis & Injuries

  • Knowing the structure of different tissues in the body

Practical implementation:

  • How can we boost and accelerate the self-healing powers of the cells after injuries, such as bone fractures, ligament strains, and tendon injuries?
  • How can I prepare the cells for surgery? What do I have to do after an operation?

For the cells, an operation is a shock, i.e. pure stress. Among other reasons, this is because they come into contact with materials they are not familiar with. If this stress is not removed, it inhibits the healing process.

Certificate and training credits

You can complete the prerecorded video lessons at your own pace and receive your online certificate as OMNI HypnoCell® Specialist after successfully passing the exam.

With this course, you receive 18 hours of continuing education credits (also valid for other hypnosis organizations continuing education – CEUs).

You may call yourself an OMNI HypnoCell® Specialist.

Erich Walker - your HypnoCell® Instructor

Erich Walker has been a competitive athlete, coach, therapist, and course instructor for 40 years. HypnoCell® is based on scientific know-how and years of experience in bodywork and movement therapy.

Price and discounts

US$  590

Save 5% as an OMNI Preferred Member or 10% as an OMNI Premium Member.

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What HypnoCell® participants say

Our field of application is the human being. It seemed to me a logical addition to include the cells in the treatment processes. I chose the course out of curiosity because I assumed that it would open up a completely new field of application for me.

I simply could not get out of my amazement. Diving into the world of cells was like a journey into a completely new world, full of surprises and new insights.

Comprehensive, entertaining, exciting and educational.

W. P. 
OMNI Hypnotherapist

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