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High-Quality Hypnosis Training for Professionals

Want to learn hypnosis and implement a simple and effective method for patients or clients in your service practice?


Do you work with people in any context and are looking for the best way to get results for your clients quickly and efficiently?


Do you want to start your own business offering time-proven Hypnosis techniques and are looking for Online Training that will get you started fast and in a highly professional way?

For you, the OMNI Hypnosis Method is perfect! Our worldwide ISO 9001-certified hypnosis process and equally certified training make the OMNI Hypnosis training so unique. And best of all, you can complete the entire training online and start practicing Hypnosis immediately after certification!

Already on the first day of my training, I realized: whoops, this is a big thing! Looking back it is incredible what I learned in this course! With hypnotherapy, I am able to support my clients effectively on their way of healing.

Doris Feltre

OMNI Hypnotherapist

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This is what you can expect from the OMNI Hypnosis Training

Take Advantage of the Expertise and Experience of OMNI Hypnosis international. We have been in the game since 1979 and have now trained over 16,000 people in Hypnosis worldwide.

High-Value Contents

Learn how to successfully apply cause-oriented, uncovering Hypnotherapy Techniques in your Practice in a highly professional manner.

Hands-on Knowledge

Discover how easy it is to learn, implement, and immediately apply deep and profound knowledge in a short period of time.

Professional methods

Experience the security of OMNI’s worldwide uniform and time-proven method standard. Our training is ISO 9001 certified.

Global community

Once you have completed all three modules of the OMNI hypnosis training, you will automatically be welcomed into the global OMNI Family.

Join over 16,000 OMNIs worldwide who are successfully putting our method into practice

Find out what a small selection of satisfied students have to say about the
OMNI Hypnosis Training

“The OMNI Hypnotherapy Course was the best thing I have attended in the last twenty years. Thanks to the course, I have had resounding success in my practice. People are requesting appointments non-stop! I am fully booked for the next six weeks …

Christoph Forrer

I would love to write you a hymn of praise! After the experience of my first training, which lasted 9 months(!) and left me really insecure and full of doubts, nothing better could have happened to me than attending your course!

Judith Blanc

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*It’s simple as that! To get the free access, you don’t need to provide any payment information. We will send you a few information emails. You decide at any time if and when you want to start with the OMNI Hypnosis Training.

Do you know the challenge is like?

Not enough time, not efficient enough, no process

Hypnosis training can take up much valuable time, and the methods taught can be very complicated to use.

Challenge 1: Time is tight

You want more efficiency for your patients and clients through hypnosis, but you can only fit the training units into your daily routine with a lot of organizational effort. You are afraid that an online training does not meet your demands for efficiency and intensity.


You don’t want to spend too much time, nor do you want your day-to-day business to suffer because of the curriculum.


Your busy everyday life doesn’t allow for time-intensive education and training.


You can’t find an occupational school with a short training period that also meets your demand for the highest quality. 

Top quality support
Support technician

Challenge 2: There is a lack of practicality

You have already been trained in hypnosis or in another method, but you find the application too complicated, and the results do not meet your expectations.


Your practice just isn’t doing well enough.


The results seen in your clients and patients do not meet your expectations.

There’s a way better solution.

You will learn hypnosis from A to Z in a short time, efficiently, effectively, and professionally, guided by outstanding and experienced instructors at the highest didactic level. You can immediately apply what you have learned in practice.


Better learning with OMNI

Learning the basics of hypnosis is easy. For the OMNI Hypnosis Academy, all lessons were filmed the way we teach: competent, fresh, and entertaining. The instructional videos are of excellent picture and sound quality.

The exercises, homework, and online knowledge checks help you to apply, consolidate and review what you have learned.

More than 16,000 happy users worldwide

100% continuous growth

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Hypnosis training: learn online

Study at home on the couch, in the evening at the office, or on the go via the OMNI App.

Solution 1: Online training

You can complete the entire training online & at times that fit into your life.


You stay flexible in time


Our instructors are didactically trained in digital teaching. You will have the impression that your instructor Hansruedi Wipf is personally at your side.


The training period is short. You learn efficiently and intensively at the highest level of quality. We say hypnosis – we mean hypnosis!


You experience a personal relationship between instructor and student in the online lessons. Just as if you were there live.


It’s simple: you register, and you’re ready to go!


You don’t need any prior technical knowledge. We have everything set up for you.

Course lising

Hypnosis method: Easy to apply

Use the methods & techniques immediately after the training and work with people at the highest professional level.

Solution 2: Reproducible hypnosis process

Our method is ISO 9001-certified and is used equally by all OMNIs worldwide. This provides security for the therapists and their patients and clients.


Reliable quality with a recognized certificate


The process can be learned quickly and is perfectly prepared for immediate use


It’s simple: you follow the protocol and achieve efficient and fast results for your patients and clients


You do not need any previous knowledge. We have prepared everything perfectly for you.


Even previously trained hypnotists take their work to the next level – or higher!

That’s why over 16,000 people love

OMNI hypnosis training

Read the feedback from real students who are convinced by OMNI hypnosis training.

I took part in the OMNI training because I had no idea about hypnosis. Now I am absolutely thrilled. There are no digressions nor boredom. The training is amazing and I can only recommend it wholeheartedly.

Dani Künzle

OMNI Hypnosetherapist

The video lessons and also the recorded live therapy sessions are great and easy to understand. The biggest advantage of the video lessons is, of course, that you can always jump back in case you haven’t quite picked up on something.


OMNI Hypnotherapist

Hansruedi Wipf passes on the highly efficient hypnosis methods according to Jerry Kein/Dave Elman in his training seminars with great commitment and experience. I am enthusiastic about the OMNI methods and use them more and more. Highly recommended!

Dr. med. Barbara Strebel

Frequently asked questions:

How do I get a test access?

Enter your details in our form and confirm your email address so that we can safely send you the registration instructions. After that, it’s just a few steps, and you can start immediately.

Do I have to deposit any payment details?

No, we do not require any credit card or bank account information from you to use the Try before you Buy. You should be free to decide at any time whether and when you want to start the OMNI training.

Is it possible to learn hypnosis online?

Yes, because we have prepared our training digitally in such a way that learning is fun and the knowledge is easy to impart. Of course, hypnosis also thrives on direct exchange and practice. You can connect with other graduates in the online forum to arrange practice sessions. The instructors are available to answer any questions you may have.

You can always choose to attend the live All-in-One or Advanced training at a later stage.

Does OMNI offer installments?

Yes, you can also pay for all modules of the online training in installments via PayPal.* You can also book each module individually and complete them all online. There’s no time pressure either: take OMNI’s hypnosis training at your own pace.

*Payment plans can vary depending on availability in each country and credit rating.

A personal note by Hansruedi Wipf, Owner & President of OMNI

Is it really possible to free a person from mental or physical suffering with just a single session? Can blockages, limiting beliefs, or undesirable habits that have been in place for years or even decades really be released in a matter of minutes? Can pain be alleviated or eliminated with the power of the mind alone? Can athletes, students, patients, and clients from all walks of life find help?

OMNI Hypnosis and OMNI hypnotherapy are the methods and techniques that can do just that. Learn now the art of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Let yourself be surprised. What you may have thought was impossible can become possible.

We are passionate about our hypnosis training and hypnotherapy. It is a passion that our instructors share all around the world. We carry the legacy of the great masters Dave Elman and Gerald F. Kein. We continue to develop our techniques based on their teachings. Our goal is to provide our graduates with all the tools they need to help their clients in a quick, efficient, and lasting way.

Are you ready to transform lives? Then we welcome you to the ever-growing global OMNI-Family.

Hansruedi Wipf

Owner and president, OMNI Hypnosis International