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Hear it from those who already know OMNI

I have studied many other forms, but I must say, YOUR PROGRAM IS THE BEST! Your teaching abilities are to be commended. You allow the persons studying this from their home to feel as if they are in class with you. I know I did!

Brenda Akin – Cumberland Furnace, TN

I have studied hypnosis since the early 70’s and this is the absolute best program I have ever had the opportunity to attend. I have watched the tapes about 10 times each, and I still find them interesting and informative.

Theodore R. Smith, Psy.D. – Jacksonville, FL

Enjoyed the clear and comprehensive introduction to hypnotherapy along with the more advanced material–Jerry Kein is a very talented hypnotherapist and trainer–I’m looking forward to further study with him and your center.

Gerald Falls, M.D. – Tallahassee, FL

Dear Jerry, I just had to write this letter so that you could post it on your web site for all to see. I have been practicing hypnosis for about 16 years now. When I first started out, there wasn’t much out there in the way of training. I started out learning like most people, the Fractional Relaxation Induction. At the time I thought to myself, okay, this is the way it’s done. Just sitting there and in a very monotone voice keep repeating suggestions of relaxation over and over for about 20 to 30 minutes. Well, it didn’t take long before I started getting bored out of my mind! I also started getting depressed because quite a few people were actually falling asleep on me! That’s when I started thinking to myself, this can’t be right. There must be a better way. Well, I basically dropped out of hypnotism for a few years being very disappointed in it. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I happened to come across Jerry’s website on the Internet. Boy, what a life changing experience! I saw his tape on Rapid and Instant Inductions in a Professional Practice and I had to have it. After receiving the tape and watching it I could feel the passion for this art was once again mine. It was absolutely incredible. The routines that he taught in this tape just seemed too simple to work. I thought to myself these can’t work, if it was this easy, everyone would be doing it. But I just had to see for myself, and guess what, they actually work! From that day on I began buying and watching Jerry’s tapes. I have to say Jerry, you’re absolutely incredible! I’m looking forward to the day when I will get to meet you face to face. In closing I just want to say to everyone reading this, rapid and instant inductions do work. They are incredibly easy and very powerful. The only way they won’t work is if you don’t use them. Just put your fears aside and use them and I promise you as Jerry does that you won’t be sorry. Take care Jerry and keep up the great work!

Daniel Crossgrove – Mifflinburg, PA

Extremely well organized. Hypnotherapy section was outstanding. Looking forward to the live course.

Christopher J. Fichera, Ph.D. – Hollywood, FL

Jerry, your tapes are so good! Your fervor for this profession comes through STRONG. In spite of the fact that I was recently in a accident and am confined to bed in a full body cast, I watch your tapes with great excitement and awe every day. I know, that because of your more than excellent training, when I am out of this cast, I will start my new profession with excitement and confidence. I have studied with many others, mostly in Calfornia, but your training, without a doubt, puts all the others to shame. I’m truly sorry I didn’t discover you sooner. I could have saved a lot of money! Thank you.

Janet Berrier-Price – Las Cruces, NM

I attended a Master Hypnotist Training based on NLP and mostly taught by its founder in November 1990. During the summer of 1991, I attended classes in California from the basic through hypnotherapist. I want to say that your videos are the most informative and best, and I do mean very best, training I have received. You are right, it is easy when you know how! I am looking forward to meeting you in person and taking one of your live classes in Florida.”

Charlie Simon – Modesto, CA

I remember what it was like trying to figure out who’s course to order. I had ordered videos from Marshall Sylver, and some guy named Mike Stower, also, a “complete course” from someone named Mark Lewis…..ALL Garbage !!I came across a guy named Geoffrey Ronning on the internet, he has I visited with him over the telephone, really liked him,….He is the one who suggested to me, Jerry Kein, of The Omni Hypnosis Center, for training. I am REALLY Grateful, I had already spent alot of money with those other people on their courses,…in hindsight, I should have known, “You could’ not learn what you need to know, from one or two tapes”. I didn’t realize the complexity, and the background needed to handle unexpected situations that might come along. I look back now,…and actually shudder, at the thought of having someone in trance, and suddenly have them become hysterical !!! (It’s called an Abreaction, you’ll learn about it in Jerry’s Course) I would have not known what to do, and probably “Freaked Out” myself !! Jerry is a very good instructor, probably the best I’ve ever seen. Very thorough on all the tapes, there’s A LOT of them, and it takes a while to go through them all, but they’re very interesting. I pay more attention to other Hypnotists I hear of now, their techniques, etc. Many of them seem to be using “Old School Techniques”. I’m really glad Geoffrey Ronning pointed me in the right direction, I wouldn’t have known any better. If I had anything to do over ?? I would have probably ordered the bigger course, It would have saved me a little money. I have eventually ordered all the additional tapes anyway, I suspect you’ll probably be like me, ..this is very interesting stuff, and you’ll want to learn more and more. I enjoy having the video class because I can rewind over and over something I particularly like. Each time through, I come across something new it seems. I’ve never had the opportunity of meeting Jerry personally, I’d like to, I feel like I know him through his tapes, I hope you’ll look back at me,…the same way I look at Geoffrey Ronning,… He is responsible for heading me in the right direction. I’m very thankful I didn’t have to waste A LOT MORE money and time learning what I needed to know. I’m REALLY GRATEFUL, I didn’t get someone (a client) into trouble because of lack of good training. I hope this helps with your decision, Please feel free to contact me anytime, it’s a pleasure to be able to recommend Jerry Kein, and it’s a pleasure to visit with you. Sincerely,

Rick Ward – Highlands Ranch, Colorado

I recently purchased six of your video tapes and they were absolutely superb! I am so satisfied that I am ordering two more. You are a fantastically skilled teacher. Keep up the good work.

Anthony Barone, M.D. – Jamestown, NY

I have just completed your professional hypnosis training video course. This was a wonderful investment. The format is a great teaching tool and the material was presented in the most organized, efficient and entertaining manner I’ve ever encountered. There was no wasted time. You are an excellent teacher.

Cheryl Scott – Woodside, CA

Thank you very much for creating such a wonderful hypnosis training program. I appreciate the work and effort you have put into your basic and advanced training programs….The taped sessions of you and your clients were very impressive. I actually consider them a work of art. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Diane Bahr-Groth – Ridgefield, CT

Okay Jerry, here’s some more kudos regarding the superb quality of your videos. I’ve attended classes with a number of the country’s finest hypnotists. Matter-of-fact, I first heard of you from Mark ‘aka Major Mark ‘ Cunningham, a successful Ohio hypnotist in his own right who praises you and your passion for teaching, your incredible skills and tireless dedication to advancing our vocation relentlessly. And it isn’t only Mr. Cunningham, I’ve heard recent praise of you echo from the speaking platforms of many the world’s finest practitioners in both the alternative health arena and the mainstream medical community in the NYC, NJ and CT area. In the past, I have viewed several of your videos with friends and had to have a copy of my own. I ordered the Dave Elman Induction. Yiiikes, just when I thought I’ve completely exhausted the subject and heard everything about this simple but potent induction, I realized from your video how little I knew and how better equipped I could (and should) be. There are so many ‘subtleties’ in hypnosis that make an induction seem simple, but to accomplish that simple effect which achieves an effective outcome and productive session is sometimes deceiving and sometimes is the result of mastery in action. Mr. Kein, that’s exactly what I think when I view your videos. The simplicity you achieve is deceptive, but the fun way you explore every variance, every nuance every detail on this tape, well, anyone viewing your video is like the well equipped military soldier with an arsenal for success at his disposal who can handle a variety of situations as opposed to the rag-tag soldier carrying an antiquated muzzle-loader who just has that one shot to achieve his objective. You can bet I’ll be ordering as well as recommending more of your tapes in the future. Keep up the EXCELLENT work and thanks for sharing your outstanding knowledge with your fellow hypnotists in the field. Regards,

John Petrocelli – Greenwich Village, NYC

I had many professors but none of them have taught me more about the human mind than you. You are the greatest. I would like those so called teachers to take this course, they’ll be surprised. Thank you very, very much. You have given me the skills to be successful.

Luis A. Ramirez – Ponce, Puerto Rico

I have been in practice for five years. I would not have made it five months without your training material. Your simple “how to” approach is so helpful and to have it all on video or audio allows me to go back and review the information anytime I wish. Your video and audio tapes have been the best training investment I made in my hypnotherapy practice. Now as a Hypnotherapy instructor I want to make sure my students have access to your material. Thank you.

Linda Gentry, RN, CHt – Missouri Institute of Hypnotherapy

Hi, my name is Matthew Hawn, and I have about finished an 150 hour course on Hypnotherapy in Washington State. After viewing a couple of videos by Mr. Kein, I realize how average my schooling has been. Since my discovery of your tapes, I feel that I am much better prepared to start my future career. I will soon order more videos, and make the decision to personally attend some of the classes offered by the Omni Hypnosis Center. Thanks for being there for me.

Matthew Hawn

I heard that this is Teachers Week. So I want say “thank you” to one of the most important teachers in my life – Jerry Kein! I believe that I was guided by a Higher Power to take your course way back in 1996. Your teaching and encouragement has been a blessing to me, and through your teaching I, along with your many other students have helped thousands! Many blessing to you Jerry! With great appreciation, your student,

Cal Banyan

The Elman approach, Jerry’s sense of humor, excellent scripts, all well thought out and well presented.  Excellent training, far, far superior to the 3 day course I took many years ago!

Richard Di Carlo – North Andover, MA

I saw Jerry teach a instant induction seminar at the National Guild of Hypnotist convention and was totally shocked! His presentation and teaching style was the most exciting and informative that I have ever seen. I have taken several other hypnosis trainings and learned more in his one day seminar than all my other trainings put together. Last July I flew to Florida to take his live class and I just want to say that it was the most exciting, informative class I have ever taken. This man knows hypnosis and how to teach it! I know that some day this man will be known as the finest hypnosis instructor of our time. You would never waste your money investing in him.

Mandy Rogers

Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous knowledge in the class you gave a couple of weeks ago in Ft. Lauderdale. Your humor and politically incorrect attitudes and jokes were also extremely refreshing and incisive too! And yet you have incredible integrity and value humans and their foibles more than almost anyone I know! It’s been a couple of weeks of taking care of a sick daughter (on holiday no less), closing on a house, whitewater rafting, packing, etc., etc., and I’m still as excited about embarking on this hypnosis path as I was when I left Ft. Lauderdale. People were asking if I was alright, because I just couldn’t get this grin off my face for days! I’ve been practicing on a few friends, though the drunk ones on the rafting trip I had to kindly decline… I also helped my daughter at the dermatologist’s office; she had 46 wart-like bumps cut off of her and she did not cry or move, even though she was looking at the doctor doing it. He ended thanking me so much and saying helped him do his job immensely, and the nurses said they’d never seen a child be so calm, so that made me feel good, and proud of Alexandra, too. As soon as I settle into my house in the next few weeks I’ll begin finding a place to practice part-time. Life is changing fast for me and I like it. I am seeing that the person I envision being is more than just a dream, and I thank you for showing me an avenue for expressing my “talents” and desires to heal. I hope all of you in DeLand are healthy and happy and enjoying the summer. I look forward to seeing you again and send all of you my best wishes.

John Petrocelli – Greenwich Village, NYC

This was an amazing training. I am now confident in my skills as a hypnotherapist.  I learned from a great hypnotherapist and amazing teaacher.  I feel privileged to have found the Omni Hypnosis Training Center®

Cheryl Crickard

I am greatful to have been guided straight to O.H.T.C.  Jerry Kein is brilliant and he is the best teacher one can get in this field.  This is how I felt while doing this course.”

Ioulia Pal – New Delhi, India

A must for people who are involved with helping people, especially in the health field!

Susan Valentine – Orange City, FL

This has been one of the most interesting and valuable programs I have attended. Jerry Kein is an excellent and dynamic instructor.

Dana Bond – Arlington, TX

The amount of information was the highlight for me.  Live demonstrations were very neat.  The course was very entertaining, not boring.  Thanks Jerry, great course!

Mark Paley – Las Vegas, NV

Having done many courses, I found this one to be the best and the Pre-Talk is not mentioned in other courses I’ve done.  The demonstrations and Pre-Talk section were excellent.  My overall rating of this training is excellent.

Steven Lewis – Stirling, Australia

Enjoyed the humor.  Like this class a lot more than the standard class I took last winter.  Thank you for making this available.  Being able to view this from home was very convenient.

Jessica Sayward– Middleboro, MA

The technique demonstrations, enthusiasm of the instructor in his teaching and for his profession were highlights of the class. A professional, clinical presentation. I was happy to hear the “humanistic” aspects of the profession and emphasis placed on importance of “forgiveness” and the positive attitudes to be suggested!

Sharon Cousino, R.N. – Wellington, FL

I recently watched your tape on “Making Money in Your Hypnosis Practice” and realized I was doing all the wrong things. Your video has probably saved me hundreds of dollars in misdirected advertising. Thank you for your help!

Gary L. Toohey – St. Louis, MO