Feedback on the OMNI Hypnosis Training Program

What enthusiastic participants report:

I researched Omni hypnosis at length before signing up. I did not want a cheap – no actual quality – type of training. I was satisfied.

The training was intense! I truly felt the impact of these long days and Hans’s excellent training as everything we learned filtered down to every corner of my brain. The other students and I bonded over our excitement at learning everything, but also, it felt like Hypnosis boot camp, and we had each other’s backs during this crazy long week. As a result, I have been shifting things so that I will do this full-time after two months.

I am thrilled to see the difference in people’s lives when I hypnotize them. I can not say enough about the course’s quality and Hans’s patience when I kept asking him a ton of questions, and he was always professional and helpful to anyone that needed it.

I was lucky enough to be chosen by the class to have Hans do a deep R2C session about a painful period of my life. I had always known something was there but had hidden the full depth of it in my subconscious. It was an explosive, exhausting session on my part that put me into a sense of peace as I felt I had finally taken action to confront something awful from my past. I felt wonderful and light afterward and feel lucky I was chosen to tackle this issue, as it has made a dramatic difference in my life. The course and everything involved was truly excellent experiences. 🙂