DLSP100 – Healing The Body Using The Mind

By Stephen C. Parkhill

Over 12 hoursĀ of training including PDF “Best of Omnigrads”

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For many years Steve Parkhill worked as the director of individual sessions at the Omni Hypnosis Training Center under the tutelage of Gerald Kein.

During this time, through the use of experimental hypnosis techniques, Steve developed several new hypnotic interventions to turn the healing process back to the client with amazing results. For a very high percentage of his clients diagnosed with “incurable illness,” the illnesses were reversed.

In this incomparable program you will learn…

How to give the power of healing back to the client
How to reverse disease breeding thoughts from the mind
How to use ETI (Emotionally Triggered Inductions)
Rapid Regression Techniques
How to reach the subconscious cause of disease implantation
How to declare war on the enemy…Disease…Leaving it NO Quarter
How to become a true healer

This is NOT just a hypnosis training program. It is a program where the healer declares war on the enemy. Most of the techniques are aggressive and the disease is given no quarter.

Steve has demonstrated these powerful techniques when working with physicians and healing their patients. This training is not how to teach you to be a better hypnotherapist. . . It is to teach you how to become a real HEALER!


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