DL450 – The Complete Ultra-Height Package How To Seminar

Gerald Kein’s Complete Ultra-Height® Program

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The Ultra Height-Program DL227 is included in this series. DO NOT ORDER IT SEPARATELY! If you already own DL227, we can not discount this package.

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Product Description

Video, Basic- Intermediate Ultra-Height® Training – 1 h 50 min
This training gives an overview of Ultra-Height® including its history and development. Also includes step-by-step instructions on how to achieve both the coma and UH states. Demonstrations make the learning process very easy to learn.

Video, Advanced Ultra-Height® Training – 4 h
This amazing program shows through discussion and several demonstrations how UH is used for many different problem areas. You will see how Jerry successfully works with a person diagnosed with terminal cancer. Plus the use of UH for creating self worth, confidence and more. Working with “incurable” disease is taught in depth. The metaphysical aspect; such as, communicating with spirit guides and more is also demonstrated!

Audio, Ultra-Height® For Cancer – 32 min
This is a very powerful Audio file made especially for cancer. It has been successfully used for breast cancer and tumor reversal. This audio includes an induction.

Audio, Ultra-Height® For Disease – 36 min
This Audio file addresses general disease and incurable illness transformation. It can be used effectively for just about any mental or physical issue that presents itself in your day by day hypnotism practice. This audio includes an induction.

Script, How To Achieve The Coma State (The first step to Ultra-Height®)

Instructions, How To Test For The Coma State (PDF)

Script, The Ultra-Height® Patter Script (PDF)
This is the exact, word for word, script you will read to your client to bring him up into the Ultra-Height® state.

Ultra-Height® Phrasing (PDF)
What you will say to your client after they are in the state.

Script, Ultra-Height® For Cancer (PDF)
Patter script specifically created for working with cancer patients with physician referral.

Script, Ultra-Height® For General Healing (PDF)
General healing script for working with clients for disease with proper physician referral.

This video has been digitally remastered from VHS tapes. Not HD quality. Content truly up to date.


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