DL240 – Waking Hypnosis

1 Hr. 59 Min.

Learn how to establish a deep state of waking hypnosis with people anytime, anyplace and under any circumstances.

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Product Description

Discover how to place clients in a deep state of hypnosis during your pre-talk.

Learn how to utilize waking hypnosis to combat client resistance.

Gain the knowledge necessary to utilize waking hypnosis as the format for the entire session with great success.

Discover several different methods to establish a deep state of waking hypnosis.

Prepare yourself to use waking hypnosis on others every day in daily living experiences.

Learn how to use waking hypnosis in emergency situations.

Waking hypnosis is a very important skill that needs to be acquired by all hypnotism practitioners. The hypnotist skilled in waking hypnosis frequently is able to complete a whole session successfully just using the waking state of trance.

The powerful waking hypnotic techniques taught in this training will enable you to use these skills everyday inside and outside your office.

One of the best reasons to learn these techniques is that your clients or others will not be aware you are hypnotizing them. Consequenlty, you will find NO resistance to obtaining the state or suggestion acceptance. Don’t miss this training!

INCLUDED AT No Extra Charge – A 30 min. audio mp3 podcast by Gerald Kein on Waking Hypnosis

This video has been digitally remastered from VHS tapes. Not HD quality. Content truly up to date.


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