DL185 – Hypnodontics (Dental Hypnosis)

1 Hr. 47 Min.

Gain The Knowledge Necessary When Working With Dental Patients Through Utilization Of This Practical And Informative Workshop Created For The Dentist And The Hypnotist!

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Learn step by step techniques to prepare the patient for a stress free dental visit.

Gain the knowledge to teach patients how to create deep anesthesia.
Discover how to eliminate the gagging reflex.
Learn how to control patient salivation.
Learn to control patient bleeding.

In this workshop, Jerry offers the most modern techniques to the dentist and the hypnotist for preparing the patient for a pleasant, stress free dental visit.

Step by step instructions are given to teach the patient to easily eliminate the stress associated with the dental visit and how to create deep anesthesia; thus, eliminating the fear of injections, drilling and surgical procedures.

In addition, instruction is given to eliminate the gagging reflex, control salivation, bleeding; plus, much more.

The dental visit is a frightening time for many people. Using the easy to learn techniques in this workshop, you can help create pleasant, stress free dental visits!

This video has been digitally remastered from VHS tapes. Not HD quality. Content truly up to date.


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