DL170 – Using The Pendulum As An Analytical Tool

1 Hr. 32 Min.

The Pendulum Is A Very Valuable Tool To The Hypnotism Practitioner!

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Learn To Use The Pendulum In The Search For Causal Factors!

The pendulum has long been in the desk drawer of the enlightened hypnotist. For the few who know how to use it, discovering the hidden causal events of a client’s past can be accomplished easily.

Utilizing this rare workshop, you can learn how to use this ancient tool in the modern professional office to locate a client’s long forgotten memories that may be causing his issues today.

It’s our professional obligation to use any method available to help our clients improve their lives. Open your mind and learn to use this excellent tool to benefit your clients today!

This video has been digitally remastered from VHS tapes. Not HD quality. Content truly up to date.


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