DL166 – The Hypnotic Coma / Esdaile State

1 Hr. 56 Min.

New discoveries are producing exciting results!

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In this one of a kind workshop, Jerry teaches you “Step by Step”, how to guide your clients into this beneficial level of deep trance. In addition, you will discover the three tests required to make sure your client has actually reached this state.

This is not just a lecture about the coma state. You will see Jerry guide a volunteer into this deep state. As Jerry is going through the procedure, he pauses to explain exactly why he is utilizing a particular technique at that moment in the process.

As you know, a person in this state has complete anesthesia without suggestions for anesthesia given by the operator. The subject is a “mental” being and cares little about the body. The body can be placed in positions which normally would be difficult to maintain for very long without great effort. In this state, the subject can maintain these positions effortlessly! In the demonstration you will see the client tested for both of these conditions.

Until recently, it has been acknowledged that since the subject feels so wonderful in this state, he did not want to be bothered and would not accept suggestions of any kind. Jerry will show you a method that will enable the client to accept certain suggestions with eagerness.

This video training offers hypnotism practitioners and health care providers an opportunity to learn new approaches to utilizing the Esdaile state’s very deep level of healing trance.

Program includes the step by step typewritten scipts on how to acheive and test for the hypnotic coma state.

This video has been digitally remastered from VHS tapes. Not HD quality. Content truly up to date.


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