DL160 – Correcting Non-Organic Male Impotence

1 Hr. 59 Min.

Learn How To Work With One Of Man's Most Common Challenges!

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Learn Methods Enabling 95% Success Rate With Your Impotence Clients!

Increase The Volume Of Your Practice Working With Impotence Clients!

Non-organic impotence is one of the most common problems in men today. Experts say about seven out of every ten men suffer some degree of sexual dysfunction.

Depending on the cause of the problem, you may choose to use one of the two successful techniques taught in this program.

One of the world’s greatest hypnotists, Dave Elman; developer of these techniques, was able to achieve over a 95% success rate with clients he worked with and so can you! Working with this problem can mean increased volume for your practice.

Includes Patter Script.

This video has been digitally remastered from VHS tapes. Not HD quality. Content truly up to date.


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