DL145 – Selecting The Proper Induction For The Client

2 Hrs. 30 Min.

Gain The Knowledge, Confidence and Inductions You Need To Hypnotize Any Subject!

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Learn many different types of inductions!
Discover how to match the induction to the client’s personality!
Get those tough cases into deep trance quickly!
See many demonstrations of various inductions!

Many times only one or two relaxation type inductions are taught in hypnotism training classes. These limited induction skills can cause a hypnotist to be unsure of how to deal with clients who do not respond to these inductions.

In this special high energy program, Jerry demonstrates many different types of inductions and how to match them with various personalities.

You will be surprised at how easily you can get those “tough cases” into deep trance quickly!

Gain the confidence necessary with a variety of inductions and techniques to work with any client personality with this video workshop!

This video has been digitally remastered from VHS tapes. Not HD quality. Content truly up to date.


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