DL125 – Hypnotic Pain Control Techniques

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1 Hr. 54 Min.

Become An Expert In Pain Control!

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Learn step by step how to teach your clients to control or even eliminate pain with very little effort!

Considering the current trend toward alternative health care, it is definitely to your benefit to become proficient in pain control methods.

With this workshop, you will learn many of the finest pain relieving methods known today. Jerry combines some of the classic techniques of the masters with the most modern methods of today.

Many physicians, dentists, etc. are looking for assistance from hypnotism practitioners with knowledge of alternative methods to alleviate their patients pain without the use of chemicals.

Gain the tools you need to become confident in this exciting, highly satisfying clinical area!

This video has been digitally remastered from VHS tapes. Not HD quality. Content truly up to date.

1 review for DL125 – Hypnotic Pain Control Techniques

  1. Tim Phizackerley, D.Hyp

    I recently purchased a whole load of your videos because after completing a 6 month hypnotherapy course in the UK I still felt I wanted more training. My wife was due to have our first baby in late May and unfortunately was rushed in for an emergency cesarean section last Thursday. ( nine weeks early ) The epidural anesthesia had not had time to work when the decision was made that they had no choice but start cutting my wife open. Immediately the surgeons started cutting she was gritting her teeth in terrible pain and was very frightened.

    Its fortunate that in the UK husbands are often allowed to be present for these operations because I have watched your videos endlessly since they arrived and had viewed the pain control one only two nights before. Using your principles I was able to get her completely pain free within a minute or so and she underwent the rest of the operation with no problems whatsoever. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your expertise.

    Your videos are amazing. I have learned so much from watching them and I consider them to be the best money I have ever spent.

    Many thanks from the UK

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