DL117 – How To Use Hypnosis With Children

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2 Hrs. 20 Min

Become adept at working with children by learning the specialized techniques presented in this workshop!

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Children do not readily respond to the standard adult inductions or regimens. This training offers the specialized techniques required for this work!

Very often working with children is much easier than working with the typical adult. Generally, young people have little or no fear of hypnotism. Most times they will quickly enter a deep level of hypnosis through the use of very simple and easy to learn induction techniques.

In addition, the transformational techniques that are used with children are much easier than those required for adults.

Become comfortable and confident working with children utilizing this program!

INCLUDED at No Extra Carge a 30 min. mp3 audio podcast on working with children with Gerald Kein and Bob Brenner!

This video has been digitally remastered from VHS tapes. Not HD quality. Content truly up to date.

1 review for DL117 – How To Use Hypnosis With Children

  1. Teresa Payne W. Palm Beach, Florida

    I enjoyed you as a teacher, your humor, stories and your great knowledge. Thanks Jerry!

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