DL116 – Secrets of A Successful Hypnosis Session

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3 Hrs. 5 Min.

In this one of a kind workshop, you will discover how to be successful with the client who has failed with other hypnotists.

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You will see how to take the client who says, “I can’t be hypnotized because my mind is too strong,” and place him into deep hypnosis in just a few minutes!

This over 3 hour, confidence building workshop will show you how to dramatically increase your success rate by using the little known, very powerful techniques that can take a potentially bad session and turn it into a great success for you and your client! In this workshop, you can learn powerful techniques that most other hypnotists have never been taught!

This video has been digitally remastered from VHS tapes. Not HD quality. Content truly up to date.

1 review for DL116 – Secrets of A Successful Hypnosis Session

  1. Judy Dietzler Boise, Idaho

    Jerry, thanks so much for the great training. I feel I really got my money’s worth. I was told once that when faced with a decision that has multiple choices, “go with my feelings.” I met a lot of other trainers but I felt you were the best, and I was right! Your training has become invaluable to me and has given me the confidence to seek to be the very best! Thanks so much.

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