OMNI Instructors

We are an international TEAM. And a team is always comprised of different personalities unified by a common denominator. For us, there are several factors: among others we all have the OMNI basic training basic-advanced as well as the OMNI instructor training. We are unified by the fascination for hypnosis, the joy of teaching, giving therapy and being part of OMNI. We are fascinated and full of respect for what Jerry Kein established.

All of us work actively with the acquired techniques and methods in the field of therapy. All of us teach the same course-curriculum and fully endorse it because we experience every day that what we teach really works and brings results.

Every instructor considers his/her work important and maybe also a vocation, more than just a profession. We know that with our work we can change the life of many people in a positive and sustainable way. We can alleviate suffering and help to provide a prosperous future. Just imagine how the life of a stuttering child changes when it is suddenly able to speak fluently and freely. We suddenly realize the scope of this and what this means for school life and the later private and professional life of the child. When the grey veil suddenly vanishes after a depression, an oppressive fear or a limiting compulsion dissolves. We know what it feels like and therefore work in the field of therapy, may it be with children or adults. We believe that we need to further develop ourselves on a continuous basis and thus invest in our own further education. And we treat each other as well as third parties with the highest possible respect

We look forward to meeting you, no matter where and who will be your OMNI trainer. We desire nothing less but your success, because that is how we change the world of many people.

Locations und instructors

You find our worldwide locations here and if you would like to obtain more information about the individual instructors, please visit OMNIFINDER.NET