Hansruedi Wipf, the handpicked successor of Gerald Kein and owner and CEO of OMNI Hypnosis Training Center International, will be your instructor. Jerry Kein will still be there in class – via video segments that were recorded when teaching together. They will lead you through the world’s finest hypnotism training. You are in for an amazing, exciting, entertaining and quite possibly life changing ride.

Hansruedi has been teaching the OMNI curriculum since 2008 and has trained over 1000 OMNIs in Europe, South America and the USA. Jerry chose him as his official successor in 2012. More about Hansruedi here.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Hansruedi Wipf

Get in touch and make sure you get a spot!

OMNI Hypnosis Training

DeLand, FL – Sept. 22 – 28, 2018
USD 2’990.-

Basic – Advanced intensive training, incl. NGH certificate. Details here:
OMNI Hypnosis Training

Instructor: Hansruedi Wipf
Participants (min./max.): 6/24
Location: Hampton Inn & Suites DeLand, Florida

OMNI Instructor Training

DeLand, FL – Oct. 1 – 8, 2018
USD 3’900.-

For Instructors only. You must apply & qualify for that training. Details here:
Become an OMNI Instructor

Instructor: Hansruedi Wipf
Participants (min./max.): 6/12
Location: Hampton Inn & Suites DeLand, Florida