OMNI Hypnosis Training

OMNI stands for solid hypnotherapy

No matter where in the world you take part in an OMNI training, you get the same learning contents of highest quality. Each trainer has his/her own style but we are united by a joint identification with OMNI as brand and its philosophy.

We do not only label it „hypnosis“, but it also contains „hypnosis“.

Within 7 days of intense work we introduce even complete novices into the advanced techniques and convince established hypnosis experts that our training program provides many valuable aspects for them taking their therapeutic skills to the next level. Countless experienced hypnotherapists and even hypnosis trainer confirm that they have been imparted so much practical knowledge and expertise in a very compact and structured way.

OMNI stands for „easy to learn and apply”.

We are convinced that hypnosis and therapy are vital. That is thanks to Dave Elman and Jerry Kein. If hypnosis is presented as something elite and complicated that can only be acquired through long studies, it impedes the progress and acceptance of hypnosis. Hypnotizing is easy. Do not accept anything else. Our students learn how to hypnotize on the first day and in the course of the one training week they turn into confident hypnotists. We educate them in the application of OMNI therapies which are also easy to learn. Shortly after the training, OMNI hypnotherapists quickly convince through motivated, confident and sensitive work with clients.