Hypnosis is an incredible tool that can be used to help people in many ways. From overcoming fears and phobias to improving performance at work or in sports, there are endless possibilities for what Hypnosis can do for patients and clients.

In many medical offices, clinics, and other therapeutic settings, Hypnosis is used as an effective method to treat various problems and issues. However, medical laypeople are also keen to learn more about Hypnosis and how to use the tool in their everyday lives. In light of a shortage of time and personnel in the healthcare industry, the question arises whether it is possible to complete training in Hypnosis online to fit the work schedule.

Learning Hypnosis online, regardless of time or location, is possible!

Until recently, hypnosis training – including OMNI hypnosis training – had to be completed exclusively in person. Now, in the normal daily routine of a practice or clinic, time off for further training can be mapped out, but understandably, everyone is happy if the time away for additional training is not too long

For OMNI Hypnosis, the Corona pandemic and the restrictions that came with it ensured that the digital implementation of the training was much quicker than originally planned. The demand for solid hypnosis training was unbroken, but face-to-face events were not possible.

So, a solution was developed and implemented, and the OMNI Hypnosis Academy and the OMNI App were created. The content was designed in such a way that all three training levels, OMNI Basic and OMNI Intermediate, and OMNI Advanced, could be completed online. 

Of course, we also offer live hypnosis training. Currently, you can participate in Hypnosis training in Chapel Hill, NC, USA; Hypnosis Traning in Orlando, FL; Hypnosis Training in Las Vegas, NV; Hypnosis Training in Marlborough, MA, USA. 

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The goal of OMNI Hypnosis has always been to maintain the quality of the training in the digital version and to create spaces where interaction and exchange can take place. OMNI graduates are able to complete parts of their hypnosis training online without compromising the quality of their education.

This is good news for those who wish to complete their hypnosis training regardless of time and location. OMNI Hypnosis offers trial access to the online Academy. The first six lessons of the first module, “OMNI Hypnotist,” can be accessed without charge.

This way, interested parties can get an idea and see whether it suits them to learn digitally and independently.

What makes good online hypnosis training?

Solid training in Hypnosis has a clean and comprehensible structure and provides the framework for independent learning. For example, OMNI Hypnosis training is ISO 9001 certified, and all training materials follow the same pattern and are available to all graduates at any time. 

OMNI’s therapy process is also ISO 9001 certified, providing a reliable and safe structure that is used by OMNI therapists worldwide.

Additionally, the trainers or instructors of hypnosis training that is completed online must be didactically trained, and they must know how to communicate the important content of the training digitally and emphatically. Furthermore, online hypnosis training is not frontal teaching but lives from the interaction with the graduates. 

In good online hypnosis training, graduates have the feeling of being addressed; they are inspired and motivated while they learn and continue their education. Following and during the training, there are individuals who can be contacted for questions, options for practicing the newly learned, contact with other graduates, and the possibility of supervision.

Those essential points are the standard for all OMNI Hypnosis training courses, which can be completed online.

For more Information: omnihypnosis.com

To summarize it: The answer to the question of whether it is possible to complete hypnosis training online is, from our perspective, an unequivocal YES! Hypnosis can be learned online upon the condition that the training institute understands digital teaching and learning and that the quality of training can also be maintained digitally.

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