From our practice, we can tell numerous success stories because we have now trained over 16,000 people in hypnosis. Today, you will learn how a manager was able to sustainably improve the working atmosphere in the company and increase employee satisfaction thanks to hypnosis. 

Why is the possibility of hypnosis for stress management beneficial for managers? First, it’s obvious: everyday work can be highly stressful, especially if you are responsible for entire departments. The more you are under pressure, the more the emotions come with full force – it is necessary to direct them into controlled channels so that they do not negatively affect the work environment.

A concrete case study – hypnosis for Emotion Management 

Some time ago, a manager of a bank approached us. He often lost his temper in front of his employees in stressful situations. He was informed that another of these incidents would have consequences for his employment, so he turned to us for help.

It turned out that his outbursts of rage were only a symptom, which gave his subconscious relief from pressure, at least temporarily. He eventually found that, in the hypnosis, he could put himself back into an experience that had caused frustration in him since early childhood. However, he never processed those emotions because he no longer remembered the situation consciously. During his session, he felt powerless and disappointed, as well as he was not being accepted. These feelings were similar to those he experienced during stressful work situations, making him angry.

By utilizing hypnosis to access unconscious memories that he had not consciously stored (this is similar for all people), the client could recognize and neutralize the associated emotions thanks to rational arguments.

Success through hypnosis – how your professional life can be changed.

After the hypnotherapy sessions, the manager handled stressful situations constructively and is one of many examples of successfully applied hypnotherapy. It should be emphasized that our client ultimately helped himself and merely allowed people to assist him in finding the subconscious reasons in the form of hypnosis. 

Good hypnosis thrives on the interaction of the hypnotherapist and the client.

It was especially gratifying that the manager, who was thrilled with the results, signed up for OMNI hypnosis training a few months after his successful treatment to expand his knowledge and skills further.

It is fascinating to see how people are shaped and how often we remain in these states, even though it could be easy to change them.

By the way, we are now working increasingly with companies and teaching employees the tool of self-hypnosis—a real blessing in the working world. 

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