Many myths, prejudices, and paradigms surround hypnosis. It’s time to put an end to it. Since every resource is needed and one of the most valuable human resources lies unused within us, I find this unacceptable.

With a similar choice of words, I started my book “Hypnosis – Health and Healing the Natural Way,” which was published in its first edition in 2014 by Giger Publishing. 

To date, some things have changed – whereas some things have not. Many prejudices have fallen … a broad application of hypnosis in medicine, psychotherapy, or any therapeutic context is still missing to me.

Why more hypnotism would be beneficial to the world

Many things have moved and changed in recent years. At the same time, the pressure has increased; recession, wars, and crises move people and challenge them. 

Of course, these obvious mistakes in the world trigger something in us which may have slumbered in the good times nicely and well-behaved in the subconscious. And so, our problems in society multiply day by day, especially when they are not taken care of.


Dispelling the myths surrounding hypnosis

If it was up to me, every person who therapizes accompanies, or supports people would have to deal with hypnosis and learn to apply it. That would enable them to work on precisely those fields in the subconscious that trigger fear, anger, and destructive thoughts in the other person. 

And no, it is not about manipulation. Who still believes this old myth? You cannot manipulate or control anyone through hypnosis. For this, you need power and force – and you see yourself, this is not the same!

More real talk– with yourself and others

There are many myths and rumors about hypnosis, but I advise everyone to make up their mind on their own. Hopefully, I will succeed in arousing your curiosity to get to know one of the world’s oldest forms of therapy.

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