TRAIN WITH ME AT HypnoThoughts Live

OMNI Hypnosis Training® at your doorsteps in Las Vegas 2023

Live Presentations with Hansruedi Wipf, international Expert on Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

TRAIN WITH ME AT HypnoThoughts Live

OMNI Hypnosis Training® at your doorsteps in Las Vegas 2022

Live Presentations with Hansruedi Wipf, international Expert on Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

HTL – HypnoThoughts Live
The hypnosis conference everyone looks forward to

As an international hypnosis expert, I bring hypnosis and hypnotherapy onto the big stage!

From July 21 to 23, 2023, the world’s largest hypnosis conference HTL X will take place for the 11th time in LAS VEGAS at Sahara Hotel.

On Friday the 21, 2023 and on Sunday, the 23, 2023 I will introduce a large, international audience to the world of hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

My presentation on Friday: Regression to Cause & Fix it – The Most Versatile Tool to Own. 

My presentation on Sunday: Ultra-Height® & Ultra-Healing®—Access your Supra-Conscious mind’s wisdom

    “Regression to Cause” Hypnotherapy is our core business – we stand for this technique like no other training in the world. We teach it consequently into the most minute detail. We base our training on decades of real-life experience and hundreds of thousands of successful sessions and satisfied clients.

    We use it daily in our therapy work – worldwide – be that in the USA, Canada or all over Europe, Brazil, or even China. It just works and makes for extremely successful sessions.

      OMNI was founded in the USA by Gerald F. Kein:
      OMNI Hypnosis was founded in 1979 by Gerald F. Kein and his wife, Shirley. Gerald or “Jerry” as called by most, was the premiere student of Dave Elman. Jerry kept Dave’s teachings alive in the 70’s throughout the 90’s and in 2012 picked Hansruedi Wipf – most call him “Hans”, as his legitimate successor.

      Hansruedi has started training with Jerry in the late 1990s with his long-distance program and became formally OMNI certified in 2006. Hansruedi has personally taught over 2000 OMNIs since, growing OMNI into a global brand, present in over 20 countries and 50 locations.

      Why should you learn Regression to Cause (aka Hypno-Analysis / Uncovering Hypnosis) Techniques?
      The reasons are manifold, but the most convincing one: because it works!

      Whether you are interested in learning hypnosis or are already a seasoned practitioner and want to add a very effective tool to your toolbox, the OMNI Hypnosis Training teaches you not only the crucial fundamentals but the very cutting-edge techniques and methods that thousands of OMNIs worldwide use successfully on a daily basis.

      OMNI is so much more than just a hypnotism training. OMNI is a philosophy on how to approach problem-solving to help people. Our mission statement is:

      We transform lives

      Our credo, “Everything is possible in a single session”, is supported by the results we achieve for and with our clients. When we go into the subconscious mind of a client, we go in there to win – meaning, we fight with all the techniques and methods that are available to us and tenaciously work until we have solved the problem. OMNI is so much more than just Regression, though. One of the highlights is Ultra-Height® which was developed by Gerald Kein.

      Check out the entire curriculum here.

      If I had to choose just one hypnotherapy method or technique to help people – I would choose Regression to Cause & Fix it (R2C) over and over again.

      You may ask, why?  I answer that question with a straightforward answer: Because it works, is reliable and fast, because it changes lives long-term, is process-oriented, therefore easy to learn, and because it makes for satisfied, happy clients.

      Of course, you will learn a lot more than just regression. You will learn how to apply direct suggestions, Ultra-Height® and Ultra-Healing®, deep trance phenomena like the Esdaile State, HypnoSleep®, Pain Management, Chair- and Deathbed Therapy, the power, importance, and relevance of forgiveness, ICT – Inner Child Therapy, the Grey- Room technique, Self-Hypnosis with the famous Light-Switch Method, strategic Waking Hypnosis, working with the ideo-motor response (finger signals) and so much more.

      Come join the ever-growing global OMNI-Family, where we stay in touch after the training, keep learning from each other, and where you find competent support.

      Your success is our success.

      • We do not just teach a class, but we live and breathe hypnosis every day, and it shows in our students.
      • Our students are our most important business card in the market, as their success is our success.
      • Repeat the entire training online or via APP – as often as you wish
      • Get access to an ever-growing online library of live filmed hypnotherapy sessions for continued learning.

      ISO 9001

      OMNI is an ISO 9001 certified company with a focus on education and training in the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

      With OMNI you will be working in an environment where quality, service and process reliability have top priority. Our therapy processes guarantee the highest possible benefit for our customers and their clients, because only if a process is reproducible, the results are the same. Every person is an individual and it is precisely this fact that our processes take into account.

      OMNI Hypnosis International

      The leading global organization focused on professional hypnosis education and training with more than 50 locations in 20 countries.


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