We all know that sleep is essential, and it should be sufficient. It regenerates us and helps us stay young, fit, and vital. But what sounds so simple has been a nightmare for many people for a long time. Suffering from sleep disorders, they either lie awake at night, wake up far too often, or can’t fall asleep in the first place. Yet, they are fully aware that sleep is essential to a fulfilling life. 

Have you had patients in your practice who have talked about having trouble sleeping? So many people are tired and worn out because they sleep too little and shallowly. Hypnosis can effectively improve sleep disorders, and it can permanently reduce or even eliminate the need for pharmaceutical drugs

Sleep disorders: When simply nothing helps

Now, of course, you can start with behavioral therapy, give medication, and recommend relaxation techniques such as meditation and mindfulness exercises, but we often experience it like this. If the phase of sleep disturbance has already lasted for a more extended period, then the stimulus conduction is understandably very short. Establishing a meditation routine turns out to be difficult in such cases. Sleep deprivation is not a minor issue that can be solved with some discipline, as it takes energy to adjust behavior.

People who suffer from constant sleep deprivation don’t have that energy!

Hypnosis in sleep therapy

With hypnosis, you can quickly find your way back to sleep in case of sleep disorders.

A deep hypnosis session is relaxation for the body and mind, gives energy, AND leads directly to the subconscious. The subconscious mind often reveals the cause of insomnia and thus makes the problem solvable. Typically, more than one session is required to accomplish this.

For the subtleties and long-term effects, teaching the patient the method of self-hypnosis after the session is helpful. Then, in a relatively short time, the issue of insomnia can be a thing of the past. 

We all know that many difficulties can be solved through good and deep sleep. Therefore, one hypnosis session can trigger a domino effect in a person’s healing history. Consequently, it makes sense to include hypnosis in their portfolio for practices with patients with troublesome disorders such as insomnia.

Sleep properly again with OMNI hypnosis

In our training, you can learn how to help your patients in your practice get their sleep disorders under control. You can currently try the training for free.  

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