Hansruedi Wipf

OMNI Instructor, Owner & President of OMNI Hypnosis International

Hansruedi has been working with hypnosis and hypnotherapy for almost 40 years now. He was trained in the USA by Jerry Kein, one of the most renowned hypnotists worldwide.

Education and qualifications
  • 1965 – 1982 Zurich and Winterthur – Switzerland
  • 1982 – 1985 São Paulo – Brazil – Escola Graduada de São Paulo – Graded – American High School
  • 1985 – 1989 Atlanta – USA – Emory University – BA in Political Science
  • 1988 – Hypnotized another person for the first time
  • 1990 – 1992 Zurich – Switzerland – Military – during military time many hypno sessions with colleagues; first regressions
  • 1999 – 2003 São Paulo and Stuttgart Behr Industries; Global Purchasing Manager
  • 2004 – 2009 Zurich – Switzerland Member of the Executive Board Operations & Purchasing at LeasePlan Switzerland
  • 2006 Formal training by Gerald F. Kein to become a hypnotherapist
  • 2007 Training as OMNI Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Trainer
  • 2007 SF-1 broadcast Einstein with Mario Torriani on the subject of hypnosis
  • 2008 Coaching first top athletes with hypnosis – mental strength, training and during injuries/reconvalescence
  • 2010 The vocation made into a profession. 100% dedication to hypnosis, hypnotherapy and its training
  • 2010 Swiss Handball Cup victory as mental coach with Pfadi Winterthur Handball
  • 2011 Certification as NGH “Board Certified Hypnotist” in the USA
  • 2011 Opening of the Hypnosis Center Effretikon
  • 2012 Guest lecturer Danube Private University for 3 x 40 prospective dental students, in collaboration with Prof. Dr. med. dent. Ilan Golan
  • 2012 Dave Elman Seminar with Larry Elman, son of the legendary Dave Elman
  • 2012 Successor to Gerald F. Kein – worldwide responsibility for all OMNI trainings and Train the Trainer seminars.
  • 2013 Launch of the international hypnosis magazine “HypnoMag”.
  • 2013 Implementation of the 1st International Hypnosis Congress Zurich
  • 2014 Publication of the first book “Hypnosis – Health and Healing the Natural Way” in the Giger publishing house.
  • Realization of the 2nd International Hypnosis Congress Zurich
  • 2015 100% takeover of OMNI worldwide. Expansion and extension of OMNI training into more than 20 countries.
  • 2015 ISO 9001 Certification – the first ISO 9001 certification in the field of hypnosis worldwide.
  • 2015 Collaboration with prominent addiction clinic in the Zurich area.
  • 2015 Further title “Swiss Cup Winner” in handball with Pfadi Winterthur Handball as sports and mental coach
  • 2016 Internationalization of the hypnosis congress concept to London and Berlin
  • 2016 Expansion of the advanced training offer with HypnoKids®, HypnoSlim®, HypnoSport®, HypnoDent® and HypnoSex®.
  • 2017 Launch of the OMNI HypnoScience® project in collaboration with researchers from the University of Zurich (www.hypno.science)
  • 2018 Bestselling book “Self-Hypnosis” published; Various new advanced trainings HypnoWaving®, HypnoCell®, HypnoGolf®, HypnoCardio® & HypnoPerform®.
  • 2020 Bestselling book “Kinderhypnose” published
  • 2020 Hiring of CEO for company management
  • 2020 More than 1500 OMNI hypnotherapists trained annually worldwide
  • 2021 Publication of OMNI HypnoScience® results
  • 2021 Launch of OMNI Hypnosis Academy platform
About Hansruedi

I have been allowed to hypnotize people for almost 40 years and hypnosis and teaching is my passion:

After studying political science at Emory University in Atlanta, USA and 2 years of military service as an officer in the Swiss Army, I worked for many years at the Mercedes-Benz Group in global purchasing in management positions. I grew up in Switzerland, Brazil and the USA, among other countries, and speak 5 languages fluently.

The legendary Gerald F. Kein chose me as his handpicked successor and I am the owner of OMNI Hypnosis International since 2015. I have had the privilege of training and educating thousands and am a proven expert in hypnosis & hypnotherapy. I am also the founder and driver of the OMNI HypnoScience® project, which for the first time in the long history of hypnosis succeeded in scientifically proving the state of hypnosis using imaging techniques. Quality over quantity – this is also the reason why the company, the training and our therapy process is ISO 9001 certified since 2015.

I let my students share my enthusiasm and passion for hypnosis. People say I am a charismatic, humorous, entertaining and competent instructor who knows how to inspire his students and makes every class an experience. It is the success of my students that I want to be measured by. Period!

My motto: Passion for a Healthy Mind!

I was born in 1965, am married and live in Volketswil, near Zurich. My hobbies include handball, tennis, friends, motorsports and traveling. My passion, however, is hypnosis and passing on my knowledge.

Hansruedi Wipf

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