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Ordering and Downloads

You can make payments through PayPal or with all major credit cards. Simply fill in your details during checkout.

After making a purchase you will be directed to a confirmation page, which contains the link to your download. To download the article, click on the purple button.

You will also receive a confirmation by email (please check also your SPAM inbox for it).

Simply click on the link and the download will begin immediately.

The downloads come in MP3, MP4 or PDF format.

The larger downloads or products with multiple files are placed in ZIP-folders for your convenience.

Audio downloads typically range around 20 – 50 MB.

Video downloads are larger and are usually between 100 – 300 MB.

The largest grouped video products reach 2 – 2.5 GB.

In rare cases, internet providers restrict the downloads of larger files.

If you run into any troubles after placing an order, feel free to send in your Support Ticket

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