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Becoming an OMNI Instructor

We get many requests from former students all over the world who would like to become OMNI Instructors and that is always a very special honor to us.

This has motivated us to come up with a checklist in order to make it much easier and also transparent on who and how one can apply to become an OMNI instructor. We want you to think about it and be really sure, once you apply. It may sound tough, but after all, we also made it and we are a great group of people who love what we do and we learn as we go. All of us started small one day and we do not expect you to surpass us within the first three months…you are most welcome to do so though…

Exclusive, Intensive, Professional – ISO 9001!

The OMNI Instructor training is very exclusive and reserved for those who truly wish to teach the OMNI curriculum to students who sign up to learn from the best there is. The training itself lasts 8 full days and is being coordinated by Hansruedi Wipf. It is like a boot camp where we mold you into self-confident instructors who take the profession to an all new level. We expect a lot from you, as we think that the OMNI name requires also the most proficient and professional instructors. Our current instructors are respected all over the world and are considered specialists and experts in the field of hypnosis & hypnotherapy.

We are very well aware that our students are our business cards to the outside world. The better our students fare in the market, the more successful they become, the more we benefit as their instructors.

We carry the OMNI instructor pin with pride and bring honor to the name and legacy of OMNI. After all, we are the first hypnotherapy training worldwide that not only got the OMNI training ISO 9001 certified, but also the actual hypnotherapy process, which is another great achievement in the company’s long history and that makes us quite unique in the hypnosis world.

If you think you fulfill these criteria, then it may be just the right thing for you to get in touch with us!

  1. You obviously must hold a valid OMNI Basic – Advanced training certificate
  2. We require that you are at least 28 years of age or older
  3. We request that you have been practicing on a professional level and working regularly and successfully with the OMNI methods and techniques for at least one year, preferably three to five
  4. You must be willing to adhere 100% to the OMNI course curriculum
  5. Your location (city, region) cannot be already reserved by another OMNI Instructor (see reserved locations here). Some countries, states or regions are based on exclusivity.  Different rules apply for exclusive agreements.  Unless otherwise indicated, you are allowed to teach the OMNI curriculum anywhere in the world though, unless the location/region/country is reserved already.  If your location is already reserved, you may still apply for another location.
  6. You should speak English so that we can communicate (all instructors speak English and that is how we communicate amongst each other – you must not be perfect, it is enough if you can follow the training and read/write/speak and make yourself understood)
  7. You should be willing to work hard, remain focused and dedicated and show perseverance.  Focus, dedication, perseverance spell one thing:  Success!
  8. You should have an entrepreneurial mindset and have some financial reserves in order to invest until you get enough students to pay for your business
  9. You will be working in a global team – you will have to follow rules and regulations and accept that these rules apply for all instructors
  10. We require professional attire when teaching or representing OMNI
  11. You must have a good reputation and a clean record
  12. You regard ethics and our OMNI values very highly and are aware that we have a leading role in upholding these values
  13. You have to report all information from your classes as requested in the agreement
  14. You will pay a fee per student who receives the training (this fee is not public domain and will only be informed to you if you are considered a potential candidate)
  15. You have to have at least 3900.- US$ to pay for the OMNI Instructor training
  16. You should be up to date with your NBHEC/IBHEC membership (can be done once you become a candidate)
  17. Confidentiality of business details, instructor training manuals and all other exclusive materials must be guaranteed
  18. You may have to stop teaching similar courses, as we want you to focus on this training only (it would not make much sense teaching another basic – advanced course if you did not believe that the OMNI training is the best training available – right?)
  19. You may, of course, continue to teach other courses, not related to OMNI
  20. You are requested to use our corporate design and corporate language when working with OMNI products and services
  21. You have to register yourself on the OMNI-Finder as a hypnotherapist and instructor
  22. If you are not serious about the OMNI training or just want to take it because you wish to get a training, please refrain from doing so. We only want people who are serious about the business in the instructor classes.
  23. You may have to abandon other activities, such as stage shows or similar activities.  Not that we are against it, but prefer you work as professional as possible, because that is what our students expect from us.  Your stage is the classroom.
  24. You should be extroverted, love teaching, very secure in all modules that OMNI teaches (Regression to Cause, Instant inductions, Universal Therapy, Ultra-Height, etc)
  25. You may have to supply a video of your work if we are unsure about your qualifications.
  26. We expect you to get involved in the many other projects that benefit OMNI, our students,and our instructor base
  27. We are science based, quality and facts oriented and like to be measured by results, meaning:  clients successfully helped and success of our students in the market with real clients/patients
  28. The more success your students have after the training, the better for you and all of us. Your students’ success is your highest goal
  29. Aside from a proven training concept and one of the most respected names in the field, you will of course benefit from so many additional perks that we have come up with, such as the affiliate marketing, the OMNI-Finder, design for banners & roll-ups, powerpoint presentations, marketing concepts, business strategies, networking amongst the instructors and so much more.  You will be amazed what kind of opportunities you will get, once you become an OMNI Instructor.

    If you think it is going to be easy though, you may very well fool yourself. Even though OMNI is a  very respected name in hypnosis worldwide, it still can be very tough to convince students to sign up. We are not known for being the cheapest training out there, nor do we want to be. We offer the best training there is and we also give so many additional advantages to our students once they graduate, that competing on price is not the right way to go. If you want to buy a Mercedes-Benz, you will have to pay for that kind of quality and service and our training is considered to be the Mercedes-Benz of all hypnosis trainings out there.

    Success can be tremendous. If you are dedicated, focused and do a great job marketing the OMNI training, you may be able to make a serious living from it. Many of us do – but we all know how hard we worked in order to get where we are. So if you can truly say that you want all this and that you meet these requirements, then we are looking forward to your application.

Do you have what it takes?

Then send an email to:  [email protected]

If you think that we miss out because you bring along other trades that makes it indispensible to have you on board, well, apply!

Should you have any questions or are unsure about the requirements, get in touch and let’s talk.

Kind regards

Hansruedi Wipf
President OMNI Hypnosis Training Center International

Next date for OMNI Instructor training


Orlando, Florida, USA

October 2-9, 2023

Price: USD 3’900
Language: English
Location: Hampton Inn & Suite

For instructor candidates only. Written application and qualification is required for this training.