Basic Advanced Training

Basic Through Advanced Distance Learning Hypnotism Certification Training Course

Instructed by Gerald F. Kein

16 download files. Each video file 2 hours or more in length!
Over 33 hours of powerful, high energy video training. Including practice and reading time, the total course length is well OVER 100 hours!

Basic-Intermediate Curriculum

The history of hypnotism
Nature of hypnosis
Structuring positive suggestions
The Pre-induction interview
Developing rapport
Establishing client goals
Determining suggestibility
Suggestibility testing
Dealing with resistance
Role of the conscious mind
Role of the subconscious mind
Rules for successful transformation
Classic induction techniques
Unique instant, rapid and confusion-induction techniques
Disguised induction methods
Disguised hypnotic suggestion methods
Trance management
Trance deepening techniques
Measuring responsiveness and trance depth
Methods of obtaining deep trance…everytime!
Waking hypnosis methods
Direct suggestion techniques
Conditioned response training
How to teach clients self-hypnosis
Achieving the hypnotic coma state
Recognizing the hypnotic seal

Advanced Curriculum

Advanced induction techniques
Advanced instant and rapid inductions
Gerald Kein’s Universal Therapy
Step-by-step regression techniques
Past life regression with demonstration
Gestalt Hypnotherapy
Abreaction control and therapies
Abreaction hypnotherapy
Phobia removal
Pain control techniques
Chair therapy
Death bed therapy
Forgiveness therapy methods
Transformational therapies

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