Hansruedi Wipf – successor of Jerry Kein

Following the footsteps of such a great and brilliant master is like a dream came true achieved through hard work. Jerry prepared me for carrying on the OMNI skills over almost 3 years from August 2012 till January 2015. It was typical for Jerry to seal the deal with a handshake and subsequently proclaim it at the hypnosis convention in Boston in August 2012 without any signature or contract. Complete trust and somehow old school. Precious. Very precious.


Simply following the footsteps would not be right. In order to be authentic and enhance the company and the training with my own personality I will also include my emphasis to lead OMNI in the future. The successful certification with ISO 9001 is only another step in that direction. The OMNI-Finder, the international platform for OMNIS to present themselves and their work, is another one. The modernization is making progress, one part of it surely is this international multilingual website representing OMNI and its instructors across the globe.

My 15 years of experience in the global automotive industry with distinguished management positions and strategical assignments of course help me to position OMNI on a global basis. I have the opportunity to draw on many exciting but also inspiring and intelligent people. I am very grateful for that and consider it a special responsibility to shape this with respect to all parties and their opinions involved. Something in this magnitude does not work alone and therefore I consider myself as part of the team which I am privileged to guide. But it is important to me to do this on a level playing field based on mutual respect.”

Hansruedi Wipf is the author of the book „Hypnose – Gesundheit und Heilung auf natürlichem Weg“ („Hypnosis – Health and Healing in a natural way“), publisher of the international hypnosis magazine “HypnoMag” as well as co-organizer of the annual Hypnosis Convention Zurich which has become part and parcel of the further educational training schedule for many people due to over 40 speakers and more than 50 presentations. In addition to that Hansruedi Wipf himself is speaker at different international hypnosis conventions, works successfully with top athletes and is head of the Hypnosis Center in the Zurich area with 8 hypnotherapists. He clearly focuses on OMNI and the trainings where knowledge and skills are taught in an active way and thus the continuation of Jerry Kein’s work is ensured.